How to Guides for Android

Android is a mobile operating system that is used by many devices across the world. It’s development is supported by Google and currently most mobile devices use the android operating system.

If you are unsure if your device uses the android operating system you can confirm by going into the settings page, scrolling down and selecting “About” from the menu

About Android Device

If you are using an Android based device you should be able to read the Android version on the “About” page.

In the example to the right the tablet is using Android version 4.1.1.


Examples of devices which use Android as the operating system are the:

  • Nexus Devices (Phones and Tablets)
  • Samsung Galaxy Devices (S3 mobile phone, 10″ TAB, 7″TAB)
  • Motorola Droid and XOOM devices
  • Asus Smartphones and Tablet
  • Hauwei SmartPhones and Tablets

You can also check the wikipedia page to see if your device is listed.