How to find your MAC address

Windows calls your MAC address your Physical address.

  1. Start Command Prompt by running “cmd”
    Run Command Prompt
  2. A command prompt window should appear. In this window type “ipconfig /all”
    This will list all of your communications devices, and their properties in a table.
  3. Select your wireless device and copy down the physical address. The physical address is made up of 12 Hex characters. The characters are normally arranged in 6 pairs separated by a colon eg a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6
    NB: Each communications device on your computer will have a physical address. To connect to the WCCS wireless network you need to ensure you find the Physical address for your wireless network card.
  4. After finding and recording your MAC address visit the page http://wccs/byod/list.asp whilst logged in at school to submit it.