Electronic Devices

The WCCS Electronic Device policy allows students to bring personal devices to school where they can be used to assist them in completing work within an educational context. These help pages are to assist parents and students in understanding the appropriate usage of electronic devices within WCCS. Use the Electronic Devices menu above to navigate between the FAQs, guides and suggested apps pages.

If you choose to bring your electronic device to school you should also take steps to protect it from damage, loss or theft. Some suggestions to protect your device when at WCCS are:

  • record serial numbers,
  • have adequate insurance to cover any damage or loss,
  • use a protective case,
  • include your name on the lock screen and
  • require a pattern, pin, or password  to unlock your device.

You may connect your electronic device to the school wireless network to allow for Internet access. To do this you should find the MAC address of your device (follow the appropriate guide from the Electronic Devices menu above) and when logged into the school network submit it using the page http://wccs/byod/list.asp. (NB this page is only available from within the WCCS network)