Questions in Classroom

Posting a question

From within your Google Classroom choose the “+” from the bottom right and select “Create Question”

Some ways to use questions in Google Classroom

Exit Ticket

Get students to install the Google Classroom app on their devices for easy exit ticket management. You can quickly see which students have or have not posted a response.

Discussion Starter

Collect student opinions or quick short responses as a discussion starter. Student answers can be shown in a summary form for multiple choice or you can get students to respond to each others answers.

Pair a question with a link

Post a question with a link to a site, youtube or clickview video, or other resource you want students to review outside of class time. Once they review the linked resource have a question for students to answer to check their understanding.

Student posed questions

Open up your Google Classroom for a time to allow students to post new items and get them to post a question and respond to others.