Differentiation in Google Classroom

Teachers can use Google Classroom to assign work to individual students and groups based on their unique needs. When creating an assignment, post or question, choose whether to share it with the entire class or just with a subset of students.

How can this be used?

Differentiate a learning activity by creating different versions of it and assigning as required. Use more scaffolding and guidance for students who are struggling and extend those who require more challenging tasks.

Provide extra practice or extension work. Assign a task or link to another site providing further practice, and assign to students who you want to complete the work.

When using group activities you can create a task and assign it only to members of a group. Within the task attach a collaborative scaffold or template which all members of the group can edit.

Rotate students through different tasks by assigning just the task each group of students is working on. When student groups rotate to the next task use the “reuse post” feature to assign the same task to the next group of students.