Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge- Semester 1, 2016

beatrix-beaverIn semester 1, students from WCCS once again participated in Australia’s largest computational thinking challenge and we have had some excellent results.

Bebras i
s a challenge to promote computational thinking and computer science amongst school students. It requires no prior digital or coding knowledge and encourages students to work collaboratively in thinking  through logic, discrete structure, computation and algorithmic concepts.


The challenge is facilitated by Digital Careers and supported by the Australian Government

Students at WCCS enjoy the challenge and find it very rewarding. We have had an improvement in student computational thinking processes and great results in completing the challenge.

Of the 398 WCCS students who attempted the challenge 14 were awarded a High Distinction (top 1%) and 56 a Distinction (next 10%)  with 121 students also receiving a Merit or Credit achievement.

Well done to all those who attempted the challenge this year.