Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark – Digital Narratives Made Awesome!


Adobe has a bit of a reputation for having amazing software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and the like) but you need to have hours and hours of training and practice to really use the things.


With Adobe Spark, that has all changed!

With Spark Video, teachers and students alike can:

– Turn stories into captivating animated and narrated videos in just minutes
– Easily present reports, explain concepts in class, or tell personal narratives
– Talk through stories one line at a time, starting with a blank slate or using gentle prompts as guides
– Share with class, peers, school, friends, family, community, and/or the world!

Creativity and fluid communication are skills today’s students need to fuel the 21st century workforce. Videos help engage and immerse both creator and viewer alike in more meaningful and authentic learning experiences.

In the classroom, video content engages through sight, sound and story: generating excitement about a concept. It draws students and educators closer to learning by making it more personal and more visually dynamic while increasing student enjoyment and retention.

We are constantly looking for different way to engage our students and Spark gives us the opportunity to put a bit of originality into our lessons.

Watch this video from Adobe that explores how Adobe Spark apps can unlock creativity in the classroom.

– Spark Video is free.There’s no charge to use the app, no in-app purchases, nothing.
– Spark Video works in your web browser or on your iOS device. Pick what works for you and your students, or switch between browser and device when you’re on the go. Spark Videos are stored on the cloud so they are easily transferred between devices.
– Spark requires a free account to use. Log in with your existing Adobe ID, or use your existing Facebook or Google account to create an Adobe ID.

Have fun!

p.s. for some ideas on how you can use Spark, create an Adobe Education Exchange account (it is free) and then go here: