This week at our staff Tech Brekkie, we were able to experience using Google Expeditions, with smart phones, and a cardboard viewer to go on virtual reality field trips. Forget about the pre-trip visits and risk assessments, with Google Expeditions, experience an immersive tour into space or through the digestive […]

Google Expeditions

In this blog post, we will look at 3D printing: what it is and how to do it!   What is 3D printing?   At William Carey, we have a number of 3D printers. The simplest to use is this little guy: This is a da Vinci Jr, made […]

3D Printing

Posting a question From within your Google Classroom choose the “+” from the bottom right and select “Create Question” Some ways to use questions in Google Classroom Exit Ticket Get students to install the Google Classroom app on their devices for easy exit ticket management. You can quickly see which […]

Questions in Classroom

Teachers can use Google Classroom to assign work to individual students and groups based on their unique needs. When creating an assignment, post or question, choose whether to share it with the entire class or just with a subset of students. How can this be used? Differentiate a learning activity […]

Differentiation in Google Classroom

Google has recently added team drives to the G Suite within Google Drive. Team drives are collaborative spaces that allow users to easily share and collaborate on files or folders. Unlike normal Google Drive folders the team owns the files rather than a single user. When new people join the […]

Google Team Drives

By using topics in google classroom teachers are able to better organise the content in the stream. As well as showing students which topic content belongs to they can filter the stream to only show content from a chosen topic. To add a Topic to content, use the drop down […]

Using Topics to Organise Content in Google Classroom

Once you start moving your files and documents into Google Drive it can become confusing to remember where everything has been saved… sharing those files and folders with others can just add to the complexity. The video below has some good tips on organising and searching through Google Drive to […]

How to organize your Google Drive folders

Google classroom has recently been updated to allow teachers to submit activities or learning material directly to specific students within each classroom. Teachers are able to use this feature to target specific groups of students with activities to better differentiate between their learning needs, either by providing extension or review […]

Google Classroom Updates

Adobe Spark – Digital Narratives Made Awesome!   Adobe has a bit of a reputation for having amazing software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and the like) but you need to have hours and hours of training and practice to really use the things.   With Adobe Spark, that has all changed! […]

Adobe Spark

As a part of the WCCS SouthWest Sydney Brickfest the WCCS Device/Maker Club has been building robots  with lego Mindstorms NXT. The robots will be shown as a part of the display at the Brickfest on Saturday, 4th June from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. We will also bring along […]

WCCS Makers @ Brickfest

Google Sites allows teachers and students to easily create webpages with your own content. You can also add media from other Google services like Google Drive, Docs, Slides or Youtube. Why use it? Google sites allows anyone to post content to the web using an easy online editor to create and edit […]

Google Sites

In semester 1, students from WCCS once again participated in Australia’s largest computational thinking challenge and we have had some excellent results. Bebras is a challenge to promote computational thinking and computer science amongst school students. It requires no prior digital or coding knowledge and encourages students to work collaboratively in thinking  through […]

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge- Semester 1, 2016