Welcome Back to Term 3!

Welcome back, everyone! We are truly looking forward to hearing about your holidays and being with you in the classroom. So, what are we doing this term?

Year 7 will be studying fantasy which is a very popular genre.

Year 8 will continue to look at picture books and will then enjoy a time focusing on how to write a fabulous narrative, using, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ as their model.

Year 9 will be examining world views and the way they make a difference in societies by looking at ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Admirable Crichton’ and ‘The Winslow Boy’.

Year 10 will be looking at a specific poet, Mark O’Connor, and his Australian poems about the environment. They will begin their journey into senior study by focusing on an oeuvre of work.

Year 11 Standard will be looking at the art of persuasion through the play, ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and documentaries. The Advanced class will be examining the way conflicting perspectives are represented in texts. They will be looking at ‘King Lear’ in various textual forms, including the Japanese film, ‘Ran’. English Studies will be looking at Achieving through English  in the worlds of education, careers and the community.

Year 12 will continue with their Module C and will work towards their trials and revision in both Standard and Advanced. English Studies will be looking at the way we worked – exploring our past through industrial events in Australia. It will be exciting to see Extension 2 students finish their major works.

See you on Monday!


Coming to a classroom near you!

This week in English:

NAPLAN assessments are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Years 7 and 9. It is important that you try your very best in NAPLAN so that we can know exactly what you might need more help with. All the best everyone!

Year 11 have their English exam on Monday and Year 10 will be in general exams this week. Try not to stress. You only need to do your best.

Year 8 will start the Slam Poetry unit this week and will hopefully enjoy learning about this vibrant use of poetry.

When you lose, you learn…

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Only we didn’t lose! Congratulations to our Year 8 debating team who won today’s debate against Mt Carmel. Our debaters had the difficult challenge of opposing the topic, “When you lose, you learn’. That is difficult to argue. What a good job to be able to think about, and argue a case convincingly, that they didn’t necessarily believe!


Shakespeare is Dead!

Or is he? Year 7 are now wondering the very same thing after experiencing Monday’s production by The Bell Shakespeare Company. From Shakepeare’s birth to his death, through some of his most famous plays and even learning iambic pentameter by marching in time to a speech, a good time was had by all!

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Rewind

Monday was a particularly exciting day for Year 9 as we watched the Bell Shakespeare Company perform Romeo and Juliet in reverse! As the actors performed, with a little help from our budding actors, they also explained why events occurred. Tension built towards the kiss and even moreso when Romeo finally ‘met’ Juliet – much to everyone’s satisfaction. There was a great discussion afterwards in the Biblical Garden.




Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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Curtis, William, Josiah, Thandi, Katelyn and Annalise help some of the Bell Shakespeare Company with their performance of Hamlet earlier today. Well done, everyone.

What Year 12 thought:

  • The Bell Shakespeare presented a well-informed and intriguing performance of Hamlet providing information regarding context, themes and other aspects of the play. The learning experience was made enjoyable and fun through including the audience in interactive elements of the session -RV
  • The Bell Shakespeare’s presentation and analysis of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was incredibly provocative of thought and allowed me to consider certain themes within the play more rigorously. They incorporated audience involvement in their act ensuring it was engaging and left the audience more engaged with the complex content of Shakespeare’s meta-theatrical production. One critique is that their opinion on the play and of Hamlet’s character was one-sided, although they were appreciative of and accepting of contrasting perspectives from the audience. – Josiah Younes
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Hamlet. I found the interactive and informative performance to be effective in helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the play and the emotive and cognitive motives behind the characters’ actions. – Jess Milward
  • Before undertaking the Bell Shakespeare Hamlet workshop, I viewed Shakespeare as merely old plays with no contemporary significance. After being thoroughly introduced to the main characters and analysing selected soliloquies, my perception of Shakespeare has been altered. I now appreciate it’s modern day relevance to our lives and its analytical approach towards human nature. – Abbey H