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This week in English:

NAPLAN assessments are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Years 7 and 9. It is important that you try your very best in NAPLAN so that we can know exactly what you might need more help with. All the best everyone!

Year 11 have their English exam on Monday and Year 10 will be in general exams this week. Try not to stress. You only need to do your best.

Year 8 will start the Slam Poetry unit this week and will hopefully enjoy learning about this vibrant use of poetry.

When you lose, you learn…

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Only we didn’t lose! Congratulations to our Year 8 debating team who won today’s debate against Mt Carmel. Our debaters had the difficult challenge of opposing the topic, “When you lose, you learn’. That is difficult to argue. What a good job to be able to think about, and argue a case convincingly, that they didn’t necessarily believe!

Shakespeare is Dead!

Or is he? Year 7 are now wondering the very same thing after experiencing Monday’s production by The Bell Shakespeare Company. From Shakepeare’s birth to his death, through some of his most famous plays and even learning iambic pentameter by marching in time to a speech, a good time was had by all!

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Rewind

Monday was a particularly exciting day for Year 9 as we watched the Bell Shakespeare Company perform Romeo and Juliet in reverse! As the actors performed, with a little help from our budding actors, they also explained why events occurred. Tension built towards the kiss and even moreso when Romeo finally ‘met’ Juliet – much to everyone’s satisfaction. There was a great discussion afterwards in the Biblical Garden.