Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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Curtis, William, Josiah, Thandi, Katelyn and Annalise help some of the Bell Shakespeare Company with their performance of Hamlet earlier today. Well done, everyone.

What Year 12 thought:

  • The Bell Shakespeare presented a well-informed and intriguing performance of Hamlet providing information regarding context, themes and other aspects of the play. The learning experience was made enjoyable and fun through including the audience in interactive elements of the session -RV
  • The Bell Shakespeare’s presentation and analysis of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was incredibly provocative of thought and allowed me to consider certain themes within the play more rigorously. They incorporated audience involvement in their act ensuring it was engaging and left the audience more engaged with the complex content of Shakespeare’s meta-theatrical production. One critique is that their opinion on the play and of Hamlet’s character was one-sided, although they were appreciative of and accepting of contrasting perspectives from the audience. – Josiah Younes
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Hamlet. I found the interactive and informative performance to be effective in helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the play and the emotive and cognitive motives behind the characters’ actions. – Jess Milward
  • Before undertaking the Bell Shakespeare Hamlet workshop, I viewed Shakespeare as merely old plays with no contemporary significance. After being thoroughly introduced to the main characters and analysing selected soliloquies, my perception of Shakespeare has been altered. I now appreciate it’s modern day relevance to our lives and its analytical approach towards human nature. – Abbey H

What’s on in the next few days?

This is a busy time for students in English:

Today, Year 7 had their assessment task writing an historical narrative. All the best with it Year 7!

Tonight Year 12 Advanced English are having a movie night watching Shakespeare’s Hamlet before their incursion tomorrow with the renowned Bell Shakespeare Company.

Don’t worry about missing out if you are in Years 7 and 9, because on Monday you will be having an incursion as well. Bell Shakespeare is coming for Year 9 on Monday morning and Year 7 after recess.

Next week is busy with Year 8 debating on Wednesday and Year 9 on their camp from Wednesday to Friday.

Years 10 and 11 should be busy studying for their exams coming up very soon. Look back through this blog to find some really useful strategies for doing well in English.

Mrs Crickitt

Give yourself the edge

Holidays are a good time to get the jump on the next term. Are you looking for ways to help yourself in English classes?

Try these tips:

  • If you have found some of the novels and texts you have read at school not to your liking, ask yourself what it is that you do like and really think about why it is that you like it: is it the particular character, or the type of book or movie, is it the way the composer works the plot or the twists that take you by surprise? When you can identify exactly why you like something, it can help to open you up to new experiences of texts.
  • Ask your teacher for the texts for next term and read ahead. That way, you can read the way you like to: is it in chunks over a lazy day, or do you prefer to read a chapter each day methodically. It’s holidays – you can choose how you do it. Reading a text more than once is a sure step on the path to improving your grades.
  • Try to learn from your past efforts. Maybe you can re-do your assessment task or exam with less pressure on you. Take more time and do it thoroughly to learn the skills or content well; or perhaps you need to practise planning your responses, or writing them in a limited time. Now is your chance!
  • Perhaps you are still to be tested on something, why not post quotes from your texts on the ceiling or walls of your room so that you can read them purposefully or incidentally. Go onto or other sites and make electronic flash cards with terminology on them. (Look through this blog to find some great resources)
  • Get your notes and work organised. There’s nothing worse when you come to study to find your work is all over the place. Use these holidays to get organised in a way that is meaningful to you. There are lots of clips on YouTube about how to do this. Although this is a bit ‘girly’ there are some good ideas at “Study with Jess” on YouTube.

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