October, 2014

Wednesday, 29th October 2014


The morning started with catching butterflies with hands and nets and ended in the sandpit. Diggers, spades and lots of sand flew around as we sat in the sandpit and had a great morning shovelling, sifting and digging in the …Continue reading →

This coming week..


Hi everyone, This week in Carey Cubbyhouse we will be heading over to the big sandpit to play! I imagine it will be loads of fun. Bring some sunscreen and I’ll bring the spades!  See you Wednesday

Wednesday, 18 October 2014


It’s our second week back for the term and what a great morning we had 🙂 There was lots of painting, singing, dancing, climbing and plenty of eating this morning! The children braved the cold outside (and us mum’s reluctantly …Continue reading →