100 word short story competition winners!

During Term 3 the 100-word short story competition ran for a fourth year.

Every year we had double the entries compared to the previous year. It was great to see so many students submitting entries. Some of the stories were funny, some were scary and some were sad. All were written well and demonstrated wonderful imaginations.

A big thank you to Mrs Crickitt and Mrs Fuller for doing the hard job of judging and choosing the winners. In the end there were two clear winners – both stories were exactly 100 words. Both winners received a certificate and an Itunes voucher.

Winner #1  – Lydia Vale Year 9

I surged into the air with a single beat of my wings, exhilaration coursed through me as wind tore past my scaled body. I rushed up to meet the clouds, elated as I drew closer with every powerful wingbeat. I stretched out my arm to let my talons run along the side of the wispy nimbus. The cloud felt light and cool, and I found myself diving into it, emerging covered in puffs of white. I had never known such joy when I was tethered to that cliff, longingly gazing up at the sky. I felt unstoppable. I was unstoppable.

Winner #2  – Charlotte Clark Year 8

Broken Pieces

She picked up the prism pieces that reflected slithers of darkened light. The echoes that whispered oozed out, criticizing her as they fell. Her impression that the fragments left stayed, battered and distorted. Her eyes gazed to the light as if to find solace but instead it cast shadows upon her. Cuts began to appear on her hand despite not being cut. Seeping speech drained from the wounds surrounding her in anguish as she heard others torments that dwelled within her, her cracks deepening. Picking up the prism pieces she bitterly saw her reflection and crumbled into several broken pieces

Below is the video played at the end of the term assembly