Philosophy Program Update



The Philosophy Program started running again in Term 1 and students have already delved into a number of philosophical issues.

Selected students from Years 7-11 have met once a fortnight to discuss and examine different aspects of Philosophy. So far the students have learnt about:

  • Knowledge and the mindPicture1
  • Logic and paradoxes
  • Aesthetics and philosophy
  • Friedrich Nietzsche and his ideas
  • Blaise Pascal and his ideas (‘Pascal’s wager & imagination)
  • Søren Kierkegaard and his ideas

One of the benefits of the Philosophy Program is that students are given the opportunity to consider what they believe, why they believe it and challenge the ideas of others in a positive environment whilst developing a love of wisdom.

Below is a link to a Crash Course Philosophy video that was watched and discussed by the students in the program recently.