Welcome to 2016


This year we have a whole host of activities available for high school students to get involved in to broaden and deepen their learning and also have some fun.

In order for students to get the most out of their time at school they are encouraged to find something extra that they are interested in and get involved in the activities the school offers.

For further information about advanced learning in the high school or to register your interest, contact Miss C Smith at smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au


The Advanced Learning Projects (ALPs) are a special program of study intended for students who are achieving well in their current studies and who want a little bit more – more interesting, more challenging, more feedback, more open-ended. Entry to these projects is open to all students via application. Students will be required to demonstrate (in their application) that they are independent and motivated learners to be considered for these projects.alp

These projects provide a very flexible approach to learning, allowing students to choose or design their own field of study and work one-on-one with a mentor to develop their skills in this area. Students will negotiate with their mentor all aspects of the project. A student’s project will continue over the entire year and count as an extra subject on the student’s report involving three assessment components (participation, a written component and an oral presentation).

Some past student projects include: software programming, creek health analysis, CREST science investigations, writing a fiction novel, producing a graphic novel, learning Spanish, completing a Moore Theological Distance Education course and many others. Applications for projects will open mid-Term 1.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Run by the Australian Mathematics Trust, the challenge is open to high achieving students in grades 6-10 and runs at various levels (based on age and previous experience with the program). Even the best students will find this challenge difficult. The program involves a detailed study of the works of a famous mathematician. Students are given their own textbook on the topic to help them learn new techniques which they then must use to solve a fortnightly challenge question. Students will be provided with ongoing guidance and support to assist them to reach their own levels of excellence in mathematics – however, the program is designed to be mostly self-directed learning.

mathsThe aim of this program is to encourage and foster a greater interest in and awareness of the power of mathematics as well as a discovery of the joy of problem solving in mathematics. This program will run over term 2 and 3.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

Philosophy Program

Selected students from Years 7 to 11 will be invited to join the Philosophy Program running from late Term 1 to the end of Term 4. Students will meet once a fortnight during lunch to learn about and discuss various philosophical issues. It is a program designed to push high achievers to think through issues on phila deeper level than they would in the classroom. As participants in the program, students will encouraged to complete an ALPs on an issue of philosophy that interests them.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

GATEway 8 Academic gala day

gatewayThe GATEway 8 Academic Gala Day is a competition in which students participate in a number of academic challenges based around a theme. Creative challenges may involve designing and planning a video game, creating an advertisement or movie trailer, participating in drama and sport challenges or composing their own musical composition using instruments and technology.  GATEway 8 is a great opportunity for talented students who perform well academically and would like to compete against similar students from other schools. William Carey will be sending a Year 7-8 and a Year 9-10 team in Term Three, allowing the opportunity for students to meet with and compete against other similarly minded students from other schools.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

Tournament of the Minds

Tournament of the Minds is a problem-solving program for teams of students in Years 7-10. Students are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from the following disciplines:
• Applied Technology
• Language Literature
• Maths Engineering
• Social Sciencestom

Tournament of the Minds provides opportunities for students around the country with a passion for learning and problem-solving, to demonstrate their
creative skills and talents whilst competing against other schools. A Tournament of the Minds club will run in Term 2 where interested students can learn the skills required for the program and try out for a spot on the team.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au


Creativity in Science and Technology (CREST) is a non-competitive awards program designed to help students develop their scientific investigation skills. Students can attempt CREST awards at three different levels, bronze, silver or gold depending on their previous levels of experience with independent investigations.  In this program students design and complete their own long term science investigations with the support of a teacher. Participation in the CREST program may allow students to submit their CREST project as a class assignment in place of a regular task and may also duplicate as an ALPS project if the student also gives a presentation of their findings once complete. CREST projects are open to all students.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

Faculty Based Competitions

Throughout the year a number of faculty based competitions will be run within the high school for interested students. These competitions are open to all
students and winning students receive a gift voucher, an academic award and their merit is acknowledged in their yearly reports. In 2015 the high school ran these faculty competitions:

  • 100 word short story competitionpoetry
  • Poetry competition
  • Photography competition
  • Mathematics competition
  • Science competition (International Year of Light)

These competitions will be run in Terms 2 and 3.

To register your interest: email smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au

Extra – Curricular Competitions

Opportunities will be provided to students to participate in some of the many extracurricular activities offered to students in NSW. Information will be provided on the advanced learning blog (http://blogs.willcarey.nsw.edu.au/alp/) and on the noticeboard in K5 as they become available. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular opportunities that will enrich and develop their skills and interests.

In 2015 students participated in:

  • Sleek Geeks Science Eureka competition
  • State crystal growing competition
  • Australian History competition
  • NSW Science Competition
  • NSW Mathematics Competition
  • ‘What Matters’ writing competition
  • Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition

To register your interest in any of these competitions, please email Miss C. Smith : smithc@wccs.nsw.edu.au