2015 Poetry Competition winners

During Term 3 the Poetry competition ran again for a second year. We received double the number of last year’s entries which was really encouraging to see.

A number of creative and thoughtful poems were entered that covered a range of topics from nature, creation to love.

The poems were all read and judged by the English faculty and after much deliberation two winners were chosen; one from Years 7-9 and one from Years 10-12.

Congratulations to the following students

Junior Secondary (Yrs 7-9) winner

Felise L “Rose”


Senior Secondary (Yrs 10-12) Winner

Neysha S “Genesis”


Runners up

Arad B “Uncaged”

Dayanara C “Wound”

Below are the winning entries.


Careful, careful,

I’m fragile,

Soft and sweet,

Careful, careful,

I’m sharp,

Don’t let me hurt you,

Careful, careful,

Not too tight,

I’ll break,

Careful, careful,

Not too much,

I’ll drown,

Careful, careful,

Not enough,

I’ll wither

Careful, careful,

Stay by my side,

Don’t let me fall,

Careful, careful,

I’m fragile,

Soft and sweet,

Careful, careful,

Take care of me.



Shrouded in darkness,

light pours through my veins.

Segments of the universe spread out before me.

Endless amounts of rain

leaks from my eyes and 

settles into the small crevices of my soul,

while parts of me dry up

absorbing the dewfall. 

From the depths of knowledge, imagination flowers,

bearing fruit that tastes of kindness and warmth.

Branches of undeserving love stretch out to brush my cheek,

combing through my hair with endless compassion.

The best parts of me

spill from my heart

scattering itself in the sky.

Dirt presses into my knees as I cry out when

the sky illuminates itself in a splendor of bashful beauty. 

Sitting on a throne of enflamed grace is a

jewel brighter than any

inkling of joy.

Sinking, it is replaced by an 

iridescent light who shows

herself in secret, like a 

whisper in the dark.

Shadows stir from a gentle breeze as these 

lovers cloaked in light fight for a place in the sky.

My ribcage cracks open as

creatures conjured from dreams of

disheveled illusion

escape my thoughts.

Swimming through my hair,

soaring towards the crystals sprinkled on the horizon.

While others gnaw on my bones,

trample on my toes until all that is left is 


That’s when they come.

Squeezing into my heart.

Making a home of my soul.

And together,

he and she dance in this 

Cirque des Rêves

Immersed in the goodness laid out before them,

As they embrace, I see Him.

And His smile causes my heart to explore.

For his eyes hold such a love for what He had done.

Threading goodness and purity into my hair,

He twirls me into everlasting light,

whispering under His breath,

“It is good.”


Sydney Writers Festival

CaptureThe Sydney Writer’s Festival is currently looking for stories about the everyday lives of young people from across Western Sydney. The stories can be submitted in written form as an audio recording or a story in pictures. A selection of stories will be published on the Sydney Writer’s Festival website from the beginning of November. The first round of submissions close Friday October 23.

Click http://www.swf.org.au/my-story/about/
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