Writing Competitions in Term One

Attention all talented writers! There are a number of state and nation wide writing competitions currently open and William Carey wants you to enter! Prizes range from $200 book packs to $350 money prizes.


‘What Matters? is a writing competition that gives Year 5 – 12 students in NSW and the ACT a chance to say what matters to them in society today. Students write a 400-600 word opinion piece on what matters to them and why. Entries must be typed on A4 paper. ‘

The Years 7/8 category winners will each receive a full-day creative writing workshop donated by The Writing Workshop, conducted by award-winning author Bernard Cohen.

The Year 9/10 category winner will be invited to spend a day at the Inspire Foundation, meeting the ReachOut.com Crew and receiving professional training. They will also be offered the opportunity to be paid $200 to produce a feature article for the ReachOut.com website.

The Year 11/12 category winner will receive a 1 Year Membership to the NSW Writers’ Centre, and the opportunity to participate in a one-day writing workshop donated by the NSW Writers’ Centre. The Year 11/12 category winner will also receive a book voucher to the value of $100.




writenow!’ is a  creative writing competition for students in Years 7 to 9.  Students choose from one of the three ‘Story Starters’ by authors Lisa Forrest, Will Kostakis and Fiona Wood, then continue the narrative, completing a short story. The story must be no more than four pages in length.


Information about these competitions can be found on the window outside K5 or on the Advanced Learning blog. Entry forms can be collected from Miss Smith in the HSIE staffroom.

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australian (MCYA)

This year William Carey is offering a new series of challenging enrichment courses for our top mathematicians. This course is designed and managed by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) which is the key organisation that runs mathematics competitions (Olympiads) in the country. The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians is targeted towards students with a talent in mathematics who would like something more.

The challenge lasts for 16 weeks between April and September. The program focuses on teaching additional mathematics not traditionally taught at high school and students are encouraged to develop their ability to prove results not just get the correct answer. The program is very challenging and students should not expect to easily master the skills involved.

As part of this program each student would be expected to spend roughly 30 minutes – one hour each week working through the providing resources and attempting the challenge for each chapter. Mr Jackson will run an additional class for students attempting the challenge during one lunchtime each fortnight to assist and provide feedback.

Students who successfully complete the program will have their diligence and achievement recognised in their yearly reports. An extra subject will be included in their reports including their overall mark in the program they completed and a comment about their work.

Details of the different programs are available here.

Please contact Mr Jackson for more information!