Welcome back

Welcome back to WCCS in 2017.  Your ALC teachers this year are:

Year 3 Mrs Katarina Beasant

Year 4 Mr Stuart Cooper

Year 5 Mrs Sharon Hall and Renee Darby

Year 6 Mr Cain McCleary.

Please keep the following dates free in your diary for our major ALC events

Term 1 Night of the Notables – Monday 3rd April

Term 2 Shades of Shakespeare – Thursday 22nd June

Term 3 Science Fair – Tuesday 19th September

Term 4 Money: Manna or Mammon? – Monday 27th – Thursday 30th November

Character Playlist

6M have been asked to create a playlist for a character of their choice in Freak the Mighty. Ben D.’s answer is well written and shows a deep understanding of the character. Well done, Ben!

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This is Caitlin’s excellent answer to today’s Bible question. 

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Benjamin G.’s work in Bible is excellent. He is quoting the Bible well in order to support his opinion. 

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6M Maths working on some open ended area questions. 

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