Science Fair Project

Dear Parents / Careers,

Your child will have the chance to solve their own science mystery by completing a science project in Term Three, experiencing the joy of discovery.

Certain stages of this project will be completed at school with the teacher’s help and support. Students will be assisted at school to ask appropriate research questions and do background research about their topic. They will be guided in constructing a hypothesis which can then be tested at home. Students will do the experiments at home and analyse their results. The project board will also be completed at home.

This week, students will take home three topics which they are interested in investigating. Please discuss these with your children. They only need to investigate one area. Be mindful of the cost of equipment you will need to purchase for your child to do the experiments at home. Also consider how much time you have, to be involved with what they are doing. If you are time poor, an easier experiment may be worth choosing.

Students have been given time at school to print out information about their three choices. If none of these choices seem suitable, please utilise the website to find an alternative.

Once you approve the project your child selects, please sign the completed Science Project Proposal Form, and return it to school this week.

In His service,

Anna Watts, Sharron Hall, Kathryn Leech, Cain McClearly and Stuart Cooper


So, today I was snorkeling and there was a banded sea snake! They are apparently quite venomous but not very aggressive, so bites on humans are pretty rare. I was still quick to get out of there! Here is my not-very-scary brush with death!

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So that’s the first video. There is more to come, but the internet here is unreliable.

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Day Three

Yesterday rained all day, so no snorkeling was done. Instead, we went to a local primary school and then a village. I have some photos that I will try and upload.
Today was sunny and we went to the beach. I did a bit of snorkeling, so I will also try to put some video footage up as well. Hope you are all enjoying your holidays, 6M!

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Well, 6M, I made it to Fiji. Fiji is 2 hours ahead of Sydney, so it’s almost 11 pm and I am exhausted! The flight went well. We had a driver who took us to the resort. He was a Christian and told us about his family’s conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. It was a really cool story and it was great to hear how God has been working in his life.
Tomorrow we will hopefully go snorkeling. If the incredibly slow internet here can take it, I will attempt to upload some pictures and videos. Hope you guys are all having an awesome holiday and aren’t missing me too much!

Mr McCleary and family

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