Venn Diagram

The class was asked to compare the relationships of Carl and Russell in Up to the friendship of Max and Kevin in Freak the Mighty. Here is Angelo’s work.


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Pixar’s Up

We dissected the short, silent scene at the beginning of Up today. Despite the fact that the scene only runs for a couple of minutes, we found a lot of symbolism!


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Freak the Mighty

The children were asked to answer the following question: How is the combined ‘Freak the Mighty’ like a ship.

Here is one of the responses. It is written by Georgia (who asked me to add ‘amazing, beautiful and awesome’ before her name!).


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The Night of the Notables

1 – Week ending 14th February Week 3

Choose and record your choice of notable with your teacher.

To avoid a duplication, you may have to change your choice.

2 – Week ending 21st February Week 4

Gather information and read from internet and library. This should be verbatim – i.e. photocopied from the books you are using or cut and pasted from the internet using Table of Contents formatting. Remember to cite where information is taken from.

Submit copied information for marking.

3 – Week ending 28th February Week 5

Write your mini-biography of 50 words for the guests’ programme notes.

Remember: full name, dates, greatest achievement, how remembered today Make notes from your research material.

Note the Headings for each section.

Look for a portrait of your notable.

Submit notes, together with copied research material.

4 – Week ending 7th March Week 6

Write first draft of report about notable

Include what the notable brought to society.

Give a talk to show progress with research.

Bring his or her portrait to the class.

Continue with biography adding new information from the talk

5 – Week ending 14th March Week 7

Complete second draft of the biography

Compile the bibliography to put with it.

Submit second draft for marking

6 – Week ending 21st March Week 8

Work on your display headings and layout

and organize your costume

Continue with final copy of the Biography

Include the Bibliography

Submit 20 questions for the Curiosity Box

7 – Week ending 28th March Week 9

Complete display board and bring in for marking

Night of the notables – Friday 4th April Week 10

Come dressed, ready for the night.

Displays will be set up during the day.

Arrive at 6 for Parade of Notables at 6.05 p.m.

Sausage sizzle at 6:30

Stand at your display at 7.15 to answer questions