Sphero Chariot Challenge

3G have spent a little bit of time designing chariots for Sphero and yesterday we FINALLY got to test them out.  We planned a design and then used a variety of materials to bring the plan to life.  It was great to see the chariots in action and reflect on what we could change to improve our creations.

We’ve been playing an awesome game during Maths to warm up and get ready for the lesson ahead.  Find some cards at home and give it a try!  It is sure to get you thinking!

We’ve been planning some awesome imaginative texts for next Term’s Writers Festival!  Today we did a lot of brainstorming and came up with some entertaining ideas!  We can’t wait for you to see the final product!

More birthdays…

3G have been celebrating lots of birthdays lately!  Yesterday we had TWO birthdays to celebrate!  We hope you both had a lovely day and enjoyed your birthday Flipgrids with messages from your class family.

Check out our sketches…

3G spent some time looking at and talking about The Discobolus of Myron.  We looked at the way the artist used different angles and lines to create a feeling of movement in his sculpture.  3G then went outside and used our classmates to create our own living sculptures.  We photographed each of the creations and used them as inspiration for the final stage of our art lesson…sketching!

We love the final product!

Our Excursion and Word Mania

Last Friday, 3G battled the CRAZY wind and had a fun day at the Liverpool Museum.  It was great to learn about how Liverpool has changed over the years and see what life used to look like.  The museum staff commented on our beautiful behaviour and Miss Grinsell was really proud of us.

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We celebrated Jessica’s birthday together at the start of the excursion.

We have some VERY exciting Word Mania news….we came SEVENTH IN AUSTRALIA!  We were also came FIRST in NSW!!!!  What an amazing achievement!! There were THOUSANDS of other classes and school participating and we did extremely well!  The Year 3 teachers are VERY proud of us!

When I grow up…

Today we had so much fun dressing up as what we would like to be when we grow up!  There were some amazing costumes around!

Check out the photos and cool green screen videos to see what we aspire to be.

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Miss Grinsell came as a Ninja and managed to sneak up on us several times!  Mrs Baumgartner came as a scientist.  We had a great day.

Today we started using a new ICT tool called FlipGrid.  We are using it to tune in to interesting words during our Reading session and teach our friends.  If you would like to access our class Grid we have written the code in our planners.  The grids are private and can’t be accessed without the code.  We will be using lots of grids as the year progresses and look forward to sharing our ideas and knowledge with everyone!

Homework Week 4

Hey 3G!

We’ve had another great week!  We are in the Grand Final for Word Mania next week!  At the moment we are placed 9th in the WHOLE of Australia!  So cool!

Here is the video with your homework task.  Look out for a special visitor in this edition!


Homework Week 3

Wow!  We’ve had another great week!  Our flexible learning spaces are going SO well.  We are loving the choice they provide and we feel very comfortable while we are learning together.  Mrs Baumgartner began teaching us for a couple of lessons which has been great.  Check out our faces during a cool Science experiment she ran with us.

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We have been loving exploring the book of Ephesians together.  Here are some photos of us using our comfortable classroom to read Ephesians Chapter 1.

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The exciting news from the week is our Word Mania achievements.  We are currently coming FIRST for participation and SECOND for skill.  Amazing!!  The competition closes tonight and then reopens Monday for Round 2.  Go 3G!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Bring on Week 3 🙂


Homework Week 2

Hey 3G,
The video below talks about your homework this week.  The Spelling sheet did not come home as I want you to participate in the Word Mania competition instead!  Enjoy!

Art outside

Today 3G had a wonderful time working on our Art in the sunshine.  We planned and then created dot paintings on mini canvases Miss Grinsell bought for us.  We took all the resources into the quiet area and had a lovely time working in the sunshine.  Once we had finished, we grabbed a camp chair and spent time reading.  Such a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

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