We won!

3G did an awesome job raising money for World Vision during the coin challenge.  Our coin line was the longest and we won a mufti day next Term!  Our line stretched from one side of the Quad to the other and could easily have gone all the way back to the start!

Coin Challenge!

Well done to 3G who have manager to bring in A LOT of coins for the  World Vision challenge!

We’ve been spending some time planning imaginative texts ready for Grandparent’s Day next Term.  After brainstorming ideas and receiving feedback from our peers, we are now onto writing a first draft.  We can’t wait for you to see the finished result.

Our New Morning Routine


3G have just started learning a new morning song.  It is a LOT of fun to sing together and is a fun way to start a great day of learning.  We think we have mastered it really quickly!

In Maths we have been making some instructional videos explaining an awesome strategy for the 4x tables – double the double.  We make awesome teachers!

Sphero Chariot Challenge

3G have spent a little bit of time designing chariots for Sphero and yesterday we FINALLY got to test them out.  We planned a design and then used a variety of materials to bring the plan to life.  It was great to see the chariots in action and reflect on what we could change to improve our creations.

We’ve been playing an awesome game during Maths to warm up and get ready for the lesson ahead.  Find some cards at home and give it a try!  It is sure to get you thinking!

We’ve been planning some awesome imaginative texts for next Term’s Writers Festival!  Today we did a lot of brainstorming and came up with some entertaining ideas!  We can’t wait for you to see the final product!