Homework Week 2

Hey 3G,
The video below talks about your homework this week.  The Spelling sheet did not come home as I want you to participate in the Word Mania competition instead!  Enjoy!

Art outside

Today 3G had a wonderful time working on our Art in the sunshine.  We planned and then created dot paintings on mini canvases Miss Grinsell bought for us.  We took all the resources into the quiet area and had a lovely time working in the sunshine.  Once we had finished, we grabbed a camp chair and spent time reading.  Such a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

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Welcome to Term 3!

3G have had a FANTASTIC start to the Term.  We are loving our new classroom and all the awesome features we planned together as a class.  We’ve added new spaces and new resources to make it a really comfortable space to learn.  We are really flexible in how we use the spaces.  Everyone has a desk to sit at and complete work.  Miss Grinsell opens up some tasks for us to choose where we would like to work and what type of seating we will use.  The camp chairs have been a great success and are a WONDERFUL way to have group discussions, play Maths games and also read in.  We love them!  Many children are enjoying the standing desk option and have found it helps them to concentrate and complete their work.  On the desks you will notice some photo frames.  These hold the names for each of the zones, we named them as a class!  They each also hold a different photo of our class family…so many memories!

We’ll open up the room for visitors sometime over the next few weeks.  We’d love you to see our room in action!

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This Term we have 2 new people joining our class family.  A big welcome to Jessica!  We are so happy to have you join us!

Mrs Baumgartner will be with us for the next 6 weeks as she finishes the final prac placement in her degree.  She’s excited to start working with 3Gover the next few days.

Term 3 is going to be amazing!