QR Codes

Here are the QR codes for our super hero self portraits.  We brought out artworks to life using Chatterpix!  To scan them, download a free QR code reader on your smart phone and then hover over each barcode.  Enjoy!


3G had a wonderful time learning how to throw a Turbo Jav during Sport today!

Today was also a perfect day for exploring our Science unit ‘Melting Moments’.  We conducted another experiment in small groups and loved seeing how quickly things melted in the strong sunshine.

Happy Birthday to our lovely classmate Alek!  We hope you had a wonderful day!

I am now connecting people to the 3G Class Dojo account if anyone is interested.  Keep in mind that we use ‘negative Dojos’ to minus points spent at the class shop.  Any red area that is labelled ‘shop’ shows a time that a student has bought a coupon to use at school.

Homework Week 9

Hey 3G!

Here is the video for week 9 with some wonderful guest appearances!  Enjoy!

I’m so sorry about the mix up this morning!  We were going to open our room up on Monday next week for anyone who wanted to see our artworks and scan the matching codes.  Friday was also mentioned originally so it was a little confusing.  Everyone is welcome on Monday from 8.20 onwards.  No pressure at all…I’ll pop them on the blog sometime next week also.  We were just excited to show you how we made our artworks come to life using the iPad!

Enjoy your weekend!

Bullying. No Way!

On Friday, 3G participated in activities to take a stand together against bullying and violence.  We explored what bullying is and how we can help if we see someone being bullied.  We created some posters to hang in our classroom to remind us of all the things we discussed together.

During Visual Arts, we spent time creating gymnastics sculptures and then used them to write some excellent sizzling starts.  We uploaded the sizzling starts to SeeSaw and gave each other some feedback for how we can improve for next time.

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It has been amazing to have people from 3G creating their own Kahoot quizzes for us to solve.  We have loved completing them as a class and enjoying the questions our classmates are creating.  If you create a quiz, write your username and password in your planner so we can access your account from school.

This afternoon, we used a QR code to access an instructional video on YouTube for how to draw a superhero self portrait.  We began creating our own portraits and will soon use our devices to bring them to life.  When they are all completed we will open up our classroom one morning so anyone who would like to enjoy them can have a closer look.

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Today 3G started to create their own interactive displays for our class museum.  We first learnt how to create a ThingLink and then started to label the artifacts that demonstrate our family history and involvement in the Liverpool area.  Tomorrow afternoon we will spend some time visiting the different displays in the classroom and learning about each other’s history and involvement in the area.  All displays will eventually be uploaded into the Google Classroom so you can view and enjoy them at home.  There are a few already in the Google Classroom and some are still being completed on the iPads.  Here is a sneak preview of a few so everyone can see what the interactive displays will look like:

ThingLink 1

ThinkLink 2

ThingLink 3

ThinkLink 4

We did an amazing job of using ThinkLink for the very first time!  It is a fantastic app for sharing information and creating our own content.


Homework Week 7

Hi everyone,

Well done on another fantastic week in Year 3!  I was SO proud of you today in the assembly!  You did an amazing job and everyone told me they felt so joyful after watching our item!  Here are some photos so people can see the things we are thankful for:

It’s hard to believe we are heading into week 7!  Enjoy this new homework challenge 🙂

Below are some sites which may help you complete the task.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

Website 4


3G had another fantastic day completing our Reading session with amazing stamina and concentration!  Miss Grinsell has now added a few more elements to the time with a weekly fluency check now being recorded on See Saw and the chance to complete a Literacy Pro quiz on the Chrome Books also an option.  We are doing extremely well!

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Just a reminder that Year 3 are performing at the assembly tomorrow.  It starts at 2pm and we are the first item after the National Anthem and prayer.  We are so excited to share our ‘top secret’ performance with you!

Meet Sphero and BYOD

3G have some new learning tools to work with in our classroom.  We are lucky enough to have 4 Sphero balls to help us learn across many different subjects.  Sphero is a robot that can be controlled by apps on the iPad via bluetooth.  Sphero will be useful to us when we are learning facts, exploring narratives, problem solving and most importantly, coding in English, Science and Maths.  We are so excited to start using them in our room!  Today we had a little test of what Sphero can do and played a whole class game to end our day.

Here is a video with a little more information about Sphero:

We can’t wait to start learning and problem solving with Sphero!

Today we started our day a little differently.  Miss Grinsell put a post it note challenge on the board.  Each student had their name on one post it note.  As we entered the classroom, we took a post it and started writing a kind note to that person.  After a couple of minutes we handed them their kind note and everyone felt wonderful!

A note came home this afternoon all about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  Devices can start coming into the classroom from tomorrow and will always be locked away safely when they aren’t being used.

Here is a list of apps that will be helpful to have on your device (if it’s a Galaxy Tablet I am currently working on alternatives).  All apps are free!

If you don’t have a device, no stress!  We have a bank of 10 iPads in our classroom which we regularly use.


Week 6

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your guesses and facts for the last video.  You were all correct, I was in Venice!  Here is the video for Week 6:

We had a wonderful time sharing our ‘Run, run, runny’ discoveries this afternoon!  3G split up into 2 groups so that eeveryone would have a turn presenting our information to a partner and also a turn of listening to the findings of others.  It was really interesting listening to the different things our classmates melted!  We all learnt a lot about different objects and how they can be melted into a liquid.  I was really proud of everyone when they presented and also when they listened to the presentations of others.   I heard some fantastic questions being asked during the session!

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See you next week!

Miss Grinsell

Reading in 3G

3G wanted to share with everyone how well we participate in Literacy groups!  We have built up amazing stamina and can concentrate on the activity set until the timer goes off!  Today we did 2 rotations while Miss Grinsell withdrew children to work with them on their reading.  We will participate in these sessions every day and they will help us improve across many areas of our learning.  Not only will we become great readers and writers, we will also become independent workers who love learning!

Miss Grinsell is so proud of our achievements so far this year.  Have a look at our amazing class in action: