Week 5

Hey everyone!

What a great week we’ve had!  It was wonderful to finish it off with the sharing of the kindness challenge lists this afternoon.  We all felt so loved and cared for!

Here are some photos and videos from the sharing time.  We tried to get a photo of everyone with their target!

The kindness challenge was a great success.

Here is the video for Week 5.  This week I have a special guest joining me.  Enjoy!


Today 3G used the app Tellagami for the first time.  We used it to share our emotional responses to different pages in the text ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar.  Many of us felt proud to live in Australia after hearing the poem and were having a positive emotional response to the text.  Here are a couple of the Tellagamis we created in class.

At the end of the day we took some photos for the photo frames in our classroom.  We are trying to make our classroom a fun and safe space to be and decided that having some photos around would be a great idea.  We wanted to share them on the blog to show everyone what a great class family we have!

Emotional Responses to Texts

Today during our English lesson, 3G spent time discussing the different emotional responses we have when viewing texts.  We used a Venn diagram to classify all the different emotional responses we could think of and spent time sharing with our partner different texts that had made us feel different ways.  We tried to think about emotional responses that might be classified as both positive and negative.  We used Pic Kids to create the diagrams and will hang them in our classroom to refer to as we explore different texts this Term.


I had a WONDERFUL time reading all of your amazing letters.  I feel like I know a lot more about each of you after I went through them.  I have just finished my reply letters to you and will pop them under your desks sometime tomorrow.


I’m looking forward to another great week together.

Homework Week 4

Hey 3G,

Here is your homework video for the next week.  Enjoy!

Here are some ideas for the challenge next week.  Not all of the things on the list are relevant but the lists do have some cool ideas:


Today we enjoyed some iceblocks as a class.  It was a fantastic way to cool off in the hot weather!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


3G have been having a wonderful time exploring the meaning of the word ‘repertoire’ and understanding how items in our own repertoires impact the way we view different texts.  We have been discussing the different events we have in our repertoires and have classified them as personal, social, cultural or literary.  It has been fascinating to realise that we share similar things in our repertoires but also have some very different experiences.  We used the book ‘The Little Refugee’ by Anh Do to label experiences that were present in our own repertoires.  We then uploaded our creations to See Saw and reflected on all the different ideas the class uploaded.

Today we spent some time writing about an event from one of our repertoires and shared them with others in the class.  We are beginning to talk about the Literacy Continuum for writing and tomorrow we will become Ninja Writers – setting goals and working our way towards the next ninja writing belt colour.  We can’t wait to see what ninja writing belt colour we are and plan where we’d like to go!

Here is a copy of ‘The Little Refugee’ if you’d like to enjoy it at home.

Here are some photos from gymnastics today:

Welcome to 3G homework videos!

Welcome to the very first homework post for 3G.  Each week a video challenge will be set as part of homework.  Watch the video below and complete the task mentioned by next Friday.  Enjoy!


I was SO proud of everyone yesterday at the swimming carnival!  Everyone had beautiful behaviour and it was a fantastic day!  Congratulations to all our competitors who swam in the races yesterday.  3G were so proud of how brave you all were in competing for your house!  We were so excited to watch you swim and to cheer you on.  Well done!

Covering books

Hi everyone!

For anyone who needed to see what what the books should look like finished here is an example. They can either be covered with your own contact before attaching the coloured strip or uncovered like the one in the picture.  I thought this was a good time to send them home as the Swimming Carnival means we won’t need them until Friday.

In Reading today spent a little bit of time working on building our stamina.  We are planning to increase the time we can independently read each day.  We hope to become passionate readers who love reading all kinds of texts!


Thanks for a great first week!

Well done everyone on a fantastic first week of Year 3! I think we have a lovely class and it is going to be a lot of fun learning together this year!
Here are some photos from our Kahoot quiz this afternoon. Kahoot is an online quiz that we play as a whole class.  Each pair joins the quiz on an iPad and answers the questions using their iPad to tap the answer.  We really enjoyed it!  We used it during our History lesson after talking about artefacts and sources.  It was a fantastic way to practise identifying primary and secondary sources! We will be using Kahoot regularly in our room to learn new things and test our knowledge in a fun and interesting way.

It was fantastic to see the way everyone has been willing to get to know one another and bond together as a class family.  Earlier in the week we spent some time surveying one another and planning how we could make our room a wonderful environment for 2017.  We brainstormed what a good student, good teacher and good friend looks like and thought about how we can succeed as learners in 3G.  We came up with some brilliant ideas and we are excited to see them in action next week.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Our first post!

Thanks to everyone for sending the notes in so quickly!  We now have all notes back and can start blogging!

Yesterday, 3G spent some time creating posters on the iPads.  We used an app called ‘Pic Kids’ to create these posters all about us.  We uploaded them to See Saw and gave each other feedback on the creations.

We have had a wonderful start to our time in Year 3.  We have loved getting to know each other and bonding as a class family.  Here is a song we learnt this morning that we wanted to share on the blog.

Just a reminder to everyone that gymnastics starts tomorrow.  Please come dressed in your sports uniform read for a fun morning!