Passion Projects + Mufti Day

Hey Everyone,

Just to remind you the Passion Projects are due to come in tomorrow.  We will present them to each other and then share them with 3D in the afternoon.

Also, 3G won the coin competition last Term so will be having a Mufti Day for our class only on Friday this week.  So exciting!

This afternoon we tried out Miss Grinsell’s latest purchase for our classroom…a Karaoke Microphone!  Instead of listening to music while did our artworks we took turns performing our favourite songs.  The microphone connects via blue tooth and plays music while you sing along.  It was SO much fun!  We love our class family.


Newspaper Articles and The Excursion

3G have been busy planning our newspaper articles for our class newspaper.  We first planned out what we would like to write about and investigate and then organised our own interviews with a variety of different people.  We are learning how to note take and summarise so are using those skills during the interviews. Miss Grinsell LOVES our ideas for the articles and can’t wait for them to be finished!

Some of our articles:

  • The Secrets of the Primary Office
  • Library Warriors
  • How to transition into highschool
  • Lockdown Lowdown
  • The week the WIFI went down
  • A day in the life of a School Captain

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our excursion to Wattamolla.  We are SO excited!! The bus is leaving at 8:45 am so make sure you arrive with plenty of time to go to the bathroom before we get on the bus.  It is going to be a hot day so bring plenty of water and some sunscreen!

App Smashing in Science

Today Miss Grinsell set us the task of finding out more about the sun.  She set us 3 questions which we researched in small groups and used our note taking skills to record the information we discovered.  We then were able to present our information by combining any apps we liked.  We got super creative with this app smash and came up with some awesome creations.  It was a great way to collaborate and creatively share the knowledge we learnt during our Science lesson.


On Thursday, we got to use the 8 new Sphero balls.  It was SO much fun coding the balls and figuring out what they are capable of.  We managed to code Sphero to achieve all kinds of goals like jumping, speaking and moving around the room.  We are looking forward to spending some more time coding together next week.

What a Week!

What a week it has been in 3G!  We have had SO much fun learning and creating together!

Here are some highlights that we enjoyed together…

We decided to move our Reading session outside to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and fresh air.  It was a lovely way to work on our reading and participate in the Daily 5.  We hope to move our lessons outside again another time next week!

We’ve been investigating different climates around Australia and the world.  It has been interesting to look at different seasons and weather patterns.  We have created some weather reports sharing some of our findings using the green screen.  The videos we created will be on the blog next week.  In the mean time, check out this behind the scenes clip to see the process in action.

We had fun revising similes with a new game that we named ‘Spinny Thingy’. It was a great way to work together to explore interesting words.  We are going to use the wheel for some other fun topics over the next few weeks.

We spent our time this afternoon talking about Remembrance Day and creating some beautiful poppy art.  The red poppies are drawn on top of the ‘Ode of Remembrance’ and are a stunning visual reminder of the sacrifices many have made for our country.



Angles and Geography

3G have been working hard over the past few weeks.  In Maths we have been studying angles and identifying different angles in the classroom.  We worked in small groups and coded Sphero balls to create 2D shapes.  We had to really thinnk about the angles in each of the shapes we created.  It was hard and also very rewarding!

In Geography, we have been researching collaboratively to compare two capital cities.  We are using the green screen to present our findings and can’t wait to share the final products!

Experimenting with Scratch

3G have spent some time experimenting with Scratch and getting super creative with coding.  We were able to code some pretty cool things today!  We will complete some tutorials over the Term and learn to code our own stories and games.  We had a lot of fun!


Homework and Aurasma

What a great first week back!

Well done for completing a Literacy Pro Quiz at home!  That means there has been a lot of reading happening.

The video below explains the Passion Project a little more and the new structure for Homework.

We used Aurasma again today and honed our skills ready for our newspaper task this Term.  We are going to use Aurasma to create an interactive newspaper.  We will definitely have a showcase at the end of the Term so everyone can come and enjoy the final product!

We have been looking at artworks by Picasso and investigating contrasting colours.  During Art we created our own Picasso inspired portraits, we think they look amazing.  We drew a quick self portrait and then cut the portrait into 4 pieces.  Each piece was labelled with our initials and the 2 complementary colours we chose for our artwork.  The class then went about colouring all of the class pieces and placing them into 1 large pile.  When they were all complete, we put our artworks back together and traced the image with black texta.  It was very interesting to see our abstract final results!

Term 4

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday.  3G are excited to get Term 4 started…it’s going to be a Term full of learning and fun!

There is no homework set tonight as we will be starting our passion projects tomorrow and they will become homework over this Term.  By the end of this week it would be wonderful if you could have completed a Literacy Pro quiz for a book you’ve been reading.  We are SO close to the 5 MILLION word mark!

Check out these awesome card tricks that we were shown today.  Very clever!

If you’re looking for ways to practice your times tables at home, here is an awesome game you can play with a family member or friend.  It’s a lot of fun!  All you need is a deck of cards.