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Term 4 Week 9

on December 7, 2016

Party Day

Mufti Day – 1S ready to begin Party Day!

img_0679-small img_0680-small

Bouncing, bouncing, lots of squeals, laughter and fun…

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img_0727-small img_0726-small img_0724-small img_0722-small img_0721-small img_0720-small img_0719-small

img_0717-small img_0713-small img_0710-small img_0709-small img_0708-small img_0706-small img_0701-small img_0700-small img_0699-small img_0698-small img_0697-small img_0696-small img_0693-small img_0691-small img_0690-small img_0689-small img_0688-small img_0687-small img_0685-small

And the fun continued…

img_0738-small img_0737-small img_0736-small img_0735-small img_0734-small img_0733-small img_0732-small img_0731-small img_0730-small img_0729-small img_0728-smallimg_0745-small img_0744-small img_0743-small img_0742-small img_0741-small img_0740-small img_0739-small

It was all fun and games!

End of Term 4

Year One has been an exciting time of learning and new experiences. Excursion and Incursion, special days, sporting events, dance afternoon and many, many more…

And now we get ready to say goodbye to Year One and look forward to the students moving to Year Two in 2017!

Remember to keep reading and writing during your long holiday break!


A great time to celebrate the LORD Jesus’ birth and the salvation that he offers each of us.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”
Image result for christmas
Hoping 1S and their families have a blessed Christmas and holidays!


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