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Term 4 Week 7

on November 23, 2016


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1S have been exploring the concepts of money in the unit MoneySmart.  Students set up their own classroom market. Students were able to use the items from their tables to create a market.

  • The task was to make price cards for items on their tables to sell.
  • To set up the items and to have the coins for the change.
  • Groups had a turn as the sellers and the buyers.
  • Each student was given coins to the value of two dollars.

Questions that they were considering were:

  1. Which coins did you find the easiest to pay with? Why?
  2. Which coins did you find the hardest to pay with? Why?
  3. Why can’t we just use one dollar coins?
  4. Why do we need different coins?

Students Reflections:

  • It is easier to shop if you have the correct amount.
  • You need friendly customer service.
  • You might want to make an item cheaper so more people come = SALE
  • Make sure you give the correct change.
  • People need more money than they spend.
  • A shopping list helps you remember items.


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