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Term 4 Week 6

on November 18, 2016

A Video from MEGA DAY


This term 1S have been learning about settings and atmosphere in texts. Here are the students writing a sizzling start setting.

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Here are some sizzling start settings that they wrote. Please enjoy!


It was the end of a bright sunny day. People were walking. Birds were singing. Then they heard a noise. They evacuated. They were so silly because they didn’t know it was just an anteater.

Quiet Places

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing and people were having picnics and going to the park. But it rained. People were going home so instead we snuggled up and watched movies and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate.


Once there was a beautiful quiet place. Nobody has been here in years. Because some parents are worried the kids will get lost. But one day a kid went in a place called Beauty. The kid was in big, big trouble when he got home. What happens next?

The Lonely Dog

It was a cold and snowy day. There was a spooky house! And there was a dog. he went inside the house. And he saw a mirror. He barked at it. Then four spooky dogs came out of the mirror. They became friends. And he wasn’t lonely again.

Stormy Night

It was a stormy night where a little boy went to a haunted mansion. When he opened the door a fake ghost popped out and the boy got a heart attack. so he pushed the ghost away. When he came inside everything was dark. It was a ten storey house. When he went to the second floor, he saw fake spiders everywhere and fake ghost. When he went to the 3456789 floor and at the last floor he found a chest and opened it and inside the chest was a treasure.

It was a Spooky Night

It was a spooky night. There was a voice calling for help and it was coming from the woods. There was a broken window. The door was open. Someone was coming down the stairs. There was a noise from the stairs creak, creak. There were a ghost and people inside with a cat.

The Windy Mountain

It was a windy stormy night and a person was camping in the stormy mountain. The wind was pushing Tom backwards. It was difficult to walk through the wind and on the ground was a treasure map inside a bottle. Then Tom picked up the bottle with the treasure map. He opened the lid of the bottle. He followed the map. he went sailing in the ocean through strong wind and through the cave. At last, Tom saw a chest. At the side of the chest was a key. He took the key and opened the chest. in the chest was treasure!!!


Stuck in the Night

One spooky night that we were stuck in. The night was having the human terror. They needed a break some of the monsters said your break is when its day which will never happen. Please let us live. Never but something on the monster changed. The sun and all the stuff was beautiful flowers blooming but it was snowing and glittering in the snow.

The Blossom Tree

It was a very, very beautiful day, the birds were singing. The sun was very, very happy everyone was happy except the blossom tree. She was very quick and lonely. But one spring…She made friends on her branches. She lost them every winter and they came back every spring.




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