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Term 3 Week 9

on September 22, 2016

Last Week of Term

This is 1S on Mufti Day checking the vegetables. It was too wet to get any closer. They have grown! We will check them next term.


Writing and Representing

On Mufti Day, 1S did mufti day writing, that is free writing. This year, they have learnt about characterisation, representing and persuasion when composing a text. Here are some of the composing completed by 1S.

  • Dear Mum, Can I please have a pet cat. They can curl up against us at bed time. Sam, for example, you love me. I also love my cat. You should buy a cat.
  • Dear Dad,  I really wanted a Lego space part from KMart in the holidays. On Wednesday morning because I want to learn how to build it to see if it flies. It is hard to build it.
  • Lazy Monkey – One day a lazy monkey was lying on his tree. When he met a lion. The lion roared loudly at the monkey. The monkey got frightened. he started to pick up bananas and ran away. As he was running away, he started to throw the bananas at the lion. The lion roared again and ran as fast he could to get the monkey. The monkey quickly climbed up a tree and started to eat some bananas. After he ate his bananas, he dropped down and ran.
  • Yesterday I played OzTag. The last week we lost 8 to 1 but this week we won 7 to 1 0 and if you win most of the games then you are in the grand final. But last year we did not get in the final.
  • My school is sometimes in school uniform. but it is not good if we were in mufti all the time. We would act like we were at home. but we still have to listen to the rules. Thank you for listening.
  • Winter – It was a cold day the animals were cold but one animal was still standing. It was a dog1 All the animals were afraid. It seemed to like water. he was dancing in the water. he was jumping and jumping and some small animals came, were puppies. Then a person came and said go away!!! They were running and running. Then the person went inside.
  • Mufti Day – Muft day is the best at school and you get to wear whatever you want to wear. It is the best to do at school on Wednesday. So you shall wear it on Wednesday because it is the best day on Wednesday. i am not kidding you to not wear mufti because if you don’t wear it, it will be bad to not wear mufti day.
  • The Sniff Snuff Cough – One fine day on the healthiest street in the healthiest house was the sickest person you could ever meet. But strangely he was alive and his parents made up a song that went like this. Our son is so sick and all we hear all day is sniff, snuff, cough. Sniff, snuff, cough. But one day they found a cure and their son just needed a drop. He took it and it worked. Then the boy was out of bed jumping and walking and singing and his mother and father could not hear one sniff. He loved being healthy so whenever he got sick he would take that cure. The end.


Hoping the students and their families have a great holiday time with relaxation and lots of fun! Remember to keep reading and writing!

Term Four

English will be a new unit about settings and atmosphere in texts.

Mathematics will have MoneySmart unit included.

Geography will be about places and the spaces within each place.

Science and Technology will be about light and sound.

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