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Term 3 Week 8

on September 13, 2016


This term the students have been introduced to the new Geography program.

Let’s Play! has been the topic. Our excursion engaged the students in the concepts of natural, managed and constructed sites.

img_0501 img_0502 img_0503 img_0504 img_0500

Here they are constructing their own park after researching on the internet and making a computer design of their park. They were very excited, conversing and working together to solve various construction problems. Some brought their own materials and other requested what they needed.

  • Would PVA glue or sticky tape be the solution?
  • How can I get it to stand?
  • How will I turn this equipment into a piece of the playground?

1S Park Designs

Well done 1S! From planning to designing and constructing – the parks are completed. What great ideas and colourful use of materials!

img_0515 img_0514 img_0513 img_0512 img_0511 img_0509 img_0508 img_0507 img_0506 img_0505 img_0530  img_0527 img_0526 img_0525 img_0524 img_0523 img_0522 img_0521  img_0518  img_0517  img_0516

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