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Term 3 Week 4

on August 18, 2016

National Science Week

Exciting times at William Carey for 1S!

Paper Plane Competition

IMG_1761 IMG_1760 IMG_1752 One student throw his paper plane over 19 metres! Congratulations!

The enthusiasm continues – paper planes are still appearing with students engaged in the challenge of flying them.


Multiple rotor machines flew over the Primary Oval, doing aeronautical maneuvers.

20160818_100000 - Copy (Medium)20160818_095940 (Medium) (3)20160818_100043 (Medium)20160818_100039 - Copy (Medium)20160818_101636 (Medium)20160818_100246 (Medium)20160818_100830 (Medium)

Where did it fly? The tri copter flew over the oval and the students could see the images on the television screen. Many ooohs and much clapping were heard in appreciation and amazement.

In class, students viewed the other uses of drones and robots as the theme of this week was – Drone, Droids and Robots.

In our unit – Up, Down and All Round – we have been viewing the sky – day and night. Students have been encouraged to view the same site in the day and at night.

20160818_175057The moon at sunset in the eastern sky.  20160819_062621 The moon at sunrise in the western sky.

What questions can you pose about these photos of the moon?


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