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Term 3 Week 3

on August 10, 2016

Excursion Highlights

The fine weather was an answer to prayer! Here we are on the bus travelling to Mount Annan and having an inside morning tea.

20160805_091332 - Copy (Small) 20160805_091328 (Small)20160805_095638 (Small)20160805_100206 (Small)20160805_095950 (Small)20160805_100124 (Small)20160805_095904 (Small)20160805_095739 (Small)


Photos of building the shelter.

IMG_5982 (Small)IMG_5980 (Small)IMG_5975 (Small)IMG_5976 (Small)IMG_5977 (Small)IMG_5981 (Small)IMG_5979 (Small)IMG_5991 (Small)IMG_6016 (Small)IMG_5983 (Small)

20160805_111043 (Small) 20160805_111032 (Small)20160805_111015 (Small)20160805_111929 (Small)20160805_111852 (Small)20160805_111657 (Small)20160805_111850 (Small)20160805_111940 (Small)IMG_8532 (Small)IMG_6012 (Small)IMG_6018 (Small)IMG_6021 (Small)IMG_6019 (Small)IMG_6022 (Small)IMG_8524

Playing at lunch time.

20160805_101610 (Small)20160805_101607 (Small)

On the tour of the native plants used for food and medicine.

20160805_114430 (Small) 20160805_114130 (Small) 20160805_112610 (Small) 20160805_114445 (Small)IMG_8534 (Small)

Artefacts – tools and utensils used by Aboriginal people.

20160805_114842 20160805_120031 20160805_115714

Playing on the playground equipment. Later this term Year One will be designing a playground using technology. When you visit playgrounds, please discuss your child the different equipment.

20160805_125201 IMG_8548 IMG_853720160805_125150 (Small)20160805_125156 (Small)20160805_125823 (Small)

What a great learning experience to engage the students in theGeography unit – Let’s Play!

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