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Term 4 Week 9

Party Day

Mufti Day – 1S ready to begin Party Day!

img_0679-small img_0680-small

Bouncing, bouncing, lots of squeals, laughter and fun…

img_0684-small img_0683-small img_0682-small img_0681-small

img_0727-small img_0726-small img_0724-small img_0722-small img_0721-small img_0720-small img_0719-small

img_0717-small img_0713-small img_0710-small img_0709-small img_0708-small img_0706-small img_0701-small img_0700-small img_0699-small img_0698-small img_0697-small img_0696-small img_0693-small img_0691-small img_0690-small img_0689-small img_0688-small img_0687-small img_0685-small

And the fun continued…

img_0738-small img_0737-small img_0736-small img_0735-small img_0734-small img_0733-small img_0732-small img_0731-small img_0730-small img_0729-small img_0728-smallimg_0745-small img_0744-small img_0743-small img_0742-small img_0741-small img_0740-small img_0739-small

It was all fun and games!

End of Term 4

Year One has been an exciting time of learning and new experiences. Excursion and Incursion, special days, sporting events, dance afternoon and many, many more…

And now we get ready to say goodbye to Year One and look forward to the students moving to Year Two in 2017!

Remember to keep reading and writing during your long holiday break!


A great time to celebrate the LORD Jesus’ birth and the salvation that he offers each of us.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”
Image result for christmas
Hoping 1S and their families have a blessed Christmas and holidays!


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Term 4 Week 7


img_0676-medium img_0677-medium


img_0674-medium img_0672-medium img_0673-medium  img_0672-medium img_0673-medium img_0674-medium

1S have been exploring the concepts of money in the unit MoneySmart.  Students set up their own classroom market. Students were able to use the items from their tables to create a market.

  • The task was to make price cards for items on their tables to sell.
  • To set up the items and to have the coins for the change.
  • Groups had a turn as the sellers and the buyers.
  • Each student was given coins to the value of two dollars.

Questions that they were considering were:

  1. Which coins did you find the easiest to pay with? Why?
  2. Which coins did you find the hardest to pay with? Why?
  3. Why can’t we just use one dollar coins?
  4. Why do we need different coins?

Students Reflections:

  • It is easier to shop if you have the correct amount.
  • You need friendly customer service.
  • You might want to make an item cheaper so more people come = SALE
  • Make sure you give the correct change.
  • People need more money than they spend.
  • A shopping list helps you remember items.


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Term 4 Week 6

A Video from MEGA DAY


This term 1S have been learning about settings and atmosphere in texts. Here are the students writing a sizzling start setting.

img_0535-small img_0536-small

Here are some sizzling start settings that they wrote. Please enjoy!


It was the end of a bright sunny day. People were walking. Birds were singing. Then they heard a noise. They evacuated. They were so silly because they didn’t know it was just an anteater.

Quiet Places

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing and people were having picnics and going to the park. But it rained. People were going home so instead we snuggled up and watched movies and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate.


Once there was a beautiful quiet place. Nobody has been here in years. Because some parents are worried the kids will get lost. But one day a kid went in a place called Beauty. The kid was in big, big trouble when he got home. What happens next?

The Lonely Dog

It was a cold and snowy day. There was a spooky house! And there was a dog. he went inside the house. And he saw a mirror. He barked at it. Then four spooky dogs came out of the mirror. They became friends. And he wasn’t lonely again.

Stormy Night

It was a stormy night where a little boy went to a haunted mansion. When he opened the door a fake ghost popped out and the boy got a heart attack. so he pushed the ghost away. When he came inside everything was dark. It was a ten storey house. When he went to the second floor, he saw fake spiders everywhere and fake ghost. When he went to the 3456789 floor and at the last floor he found a chest and opened it and inside the chest was a treasure.

It was a Spooky Night

It was a spooky night. There was a voice calling for help and it was coming from the woods. There was a broken window. The door was open. Someone was coming down the stairs. There was a noise from the stairs creak, creak. There were a ghost and people inside with a cat.

The Windy Mountain

It was a windy stormy night and a person was camping in the stormy mountain. The wind was pushing Tom backwards. It was difficult to walk through the wind and on the ground was a treasure map inside a bottle. Then Tom picked up the bottle with the treasure map. He opened the lid of the bottle. He followed the map. he went sailing in the ocean through strong wind and through the cave. At last, Tom saw a chest. At the side of the chest was a key. He took the key and opened the chest. in the chest was treasure!!!


Stuck in the Night

One spooky night that we were stuck in. The night was having the human terror. They needed a break some of the monsters said your break is when its day which will never happen. Please let us live. Never but something on the monster changed. The sun and all the stuff was beautiful flowers blooming but it was snowing and glittering in the snow.

The Blossom Tree

It was a very, very beautiful day, the birds were singing. The sun was very, very happy everyone was happy except the blossom tree. She was very quick and lonely. But one spring…She made friends on her branches. She lost them every winter and they came back every spring.




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Term 4 Week 2


Some photos for you to reminisce:

Beginning of the Day

img_0543 img_0542 img_0539 img_0538


img_0545 img_0544

Clasroom – Celebrating Literacy and Numeracy Week


img_0581 img_0580 img_0579 img_0577 img_0574 img_0573 img_0572 img_0571 img_0570 img_0561 img_0560 img_0559 img_0558 img_0557 img_0556 img_0554 img_0553 img_0552 img_0551 img_0586 img_0584 img_0583

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Term 4 Week 1

Term Four

Welcome back! 1S shared their holiday speaking time this week. Many exciting adventures were described. We have commenced our topic in Geography about sites and how space within can be used and changed for different purposes. In Science, the students researched light and sound. They shared their prior knowledge and formed questions to investigate.

Here are some sites to investigate for facts:




Next Friday is MEGA Day!


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Term 3 Week 9

Last Week of Term

This is 1S on Mufti Day checking the vegetables. It was too wet to get any closer. They have grown! We will check them next term.


Writing and Representing

On Mufti Day, 1S did mufti day writing, that is free writing. This year, they have learnt about characterisation, representing and persuasion when composing a text. Here are some of the composing completed by 1S.

  • Dear Mum, Can I please have a pet cat. They can curl up against us at bed time. Sam, for example, you love me. I also love my cat. You should buy a cat.
  • Dear Dad,  I really wanted a Lego space part from KMart in the holidays. On Wednesday morning because I want to learn how to build it to see if it flies. It is hard to build it.
  • Lazy Monkey – One day a lazy monkey was lying on his tree. When he met a lion. The lion roared loudly at the monkey. The monkey got frightened. he started to pick up bananas and ran away. As he was running away, he started to throw the bananas at the lion. The lion roared again and ran as fast he could to get the monkey. The monkey quickly climbed up a tree and started to eat some bananas. After he ate his bananas, he dropped down and ran.
  • Yesterday I played OzTag. The last week we lost 8 to 1 but this week we won 7 to 1 0 and if you win most of the games then you are in the grand final. But last year we did not get in the final.
  • My school is sometimes in school uniform. but it is not good if we were in mufti all the time. We would act like we were at home. but we still have to listen to the rules. Thank you for listening.
  • Winter – It was a cold day the animals were cold but one animal was still standing. It was a dog1 All the animals were afraid. It seemed to like water. he was dancing in the water. he was jumping and jumping and some small animals came, were puppies. Then a person came and said go away!!! They were running and running. Then the person went inside.
  • Mufti Day – Muft day is the best at school and you get to wear whatever you want to wear. It is the best to do at school on Wednesday. So you shall wear it on Wednesday because it is the best day on Wednesday. i am not kidding you to not wear mufti because if you don’t wear it, it will be bad to not wear mufti day.
  • The Sniff Snuff Cough – One fine day on the healthiest street in the healthiest house was the sickest person you could ever meet. But strangely he was alive and his parents made up a song that went like this. Our son is so sick and all we hear all day is sniff, snuff, cough. Sniff, snuff, cough. But one day they found a cure and their son just needed a drop. He took it and it worked. Then the boy was out of bed jumping and walking and singing and his mother and father could not hear one sniff. He loved being healthy so whenever he got sick he would take that cure. The end.


Hoping the students and their families have a great holiday time with relaxation and lots of fun! Remember to keep reading and writing!

Term Four

English will be a new unit about settings and atmosphere in texts.

Mathematics will have MoneySmart unit included.

Geography will be about places and the spaces within each place.

Science and Technology will be about light and sound.

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Term 3 Week 8


This term the students have been introduced to the new Geography program.

Let’s Play! has been the topic. Our excursion engaged the students in the concepts of natural, managed and constructed sites.

img_0501 img_0502 img_0503 img_0504 img_0500

Here they are constructing their own park after researching on the internet and making a computer design of their park. They were very excited, conversing and working together to solve various construction problems. Some brought their own materials and other requested what they needed.

  • Would PVA glue or sticky tape be the solution?
  • How can I get it to stand?
  • How will I turn this equipment into a piece of the playground?

1S Park Designs

Well done 1S! From planning to designing and constructing – the parks are completed. What great ideas and colourful use of materials!

img_0515 img_0514 img_0513 img_0512 img_0511 img_0509 img_0508 img_0507 img_0506 img_0505 img_0530  img_0527 img_0526 img_0525 img_0524 img_0523 img_0522 img_0521  img_0518  img_0517  img_0516

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Term 3 Week 7

Canine Companions

Reading is very exciting when your audience is a dog, who is absorbed in the text!img_0495-medium img_0486-medium



Division – it’s all about equal sharing!

img_0483-medium img_0480-medium

Volume and capacity – exploring containers on their desks, firstly estimating, measuring and comparing!

img_0497-medium img_0498-medium img_0496-medium

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Term 3 Week 4

National Science Week

Exciting times at William Carey for 1S!

Paper Plane Competition

IMG_1761 IMG_1760 IMG_1752 One student throw his paper plane over 19 metres! Congratulations!

The enthusiasm continues – paper planes are still appearing with students engaged in the challenge of flying them.


Multiple rotor machines flew over the Primary Oval, doing aeronautical maneuvers.

20160818_100000 - Copy (Medium)20160818_095940 (Medium) (3)20160818_100043 (Medium)20160818_100039 - Copy (Medium)20160818_101636 (Medium)20160818_100246 (Medium)20160818_100830 (Medium)

Where did it fly? The tri copter flew over the oval and the students could see the images on the television screen. Many ooohs and much clapping were heard in appreciation and amazement.

In class, students viewed the other uses of drones and robots as the theme of this week was – Drone, Droids and Robots.

In our unit – Up, Down and All Round – we have been viewing the sky – day and night. Students have been encouraged to view the same site in the day and at night.

20160818_175057The moon at sunset in the eastern sky.  20160819_062621 The moon at sunrise in the western sky.

What questions can you pose about these photos of the moon?


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Term 3 Week 3

Excursion Highlights

The fine weather was an answer to prayer! Here we are on the bus travelling to Mount Annan and having an inside morning tea.

20160805_091332 - Copy (Small) 20160805_091328 (Small)20160805_095638 (Small)20160805_100206 (Small)20160805_095950 (Small)20160805_100124 (Small)20160805_095904 (Small)20160805_095739 (Small)


Photos of building the shelter.

IMG_5982 (Small)IMG_5980 (Small)IMG_5975 (Small)IMG_5976 (Small)IMG_5977 (Small)IMG_5981 (Small)IMG_5979 (Small)IMG_5991 (Small)IMG_6016 (Small)IMG_5983 (Small)

20160805_111043 (Small) 20160805_111032 (Small)20160805_111015 (Small)20160805_111929 (Small)20160805_111852 (Small)20160805_111657 (Small)20160805_111850 (Small)20160805_111940 (Small)IMG_8532 (Small)IMG_6012 (Small)IMG_6018 (Small)IMG_6021 (Small)IMG_6019 (Small)IMG_6022 (Small)IMG_8524

Playing at lunch time.

20160805_101610 (Small)20160805_101607 (Small)

On the tour of the native plants used for food and medicine.

20160805_114430 (Small) 20160805_114130 (Small) 20160805_112610 (Small) 20160805_114445 (Small)IMG_8534 (Small)

Artefacts – tools and utensils used by Aboriginal people.

20160805_114842 20160805_120031 20160805_115714

Playing on the playground equipment. Later this term Year One will be designing a playground using technology. When you visit playgrounds, please discuss your child the different equipment.

20160805_125201 IMG_8548 IMG_853720160805_125150 (Small)20160805_125156 (Small)20160805_125823 (Small)

What a great learning experience to engage the students in theGeography unit – Let’s Play!

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