Happy Easter!

Posted March 24th, 2016 by 1d

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend 1D.

Crack the code in the puzzle below to discover what Easter is all about.


Gymnastics is fun!!!

Posted March 21st, 2016 by 1d

K-2 Dance

Posted March 17th, 2016 by 1d


Playing with Spiny Leaf Insects

Posted March 9th, 2016 by 1d

The Spiny Leaf Insect looked like leaves stuck together. We know that it will camouflage well in the garden. It liked to crawl up our arms when we held it. We enjoyed looking at God’s amazing creation.

History: Timelines

Posted February 26th, 2016 by 1d

In History we have been looking at timelines. We made our own timeline with our photos and belongings.

Our Schoolyard Safari

Posted February 15th, 2016 by 1d

We went on a schoolyard safari to discover the minibeasts that live in our school. We then had lots of fun creating models of them. Here are a few photos.

Welcome to the 1D blog!

Posted July 17th, 2015 by 1d

1D are very excited about all the wonderful things we will learn and do this year. Come on the journey with us by keeping an eye on our blog.